Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer CSA, Week 4

We were so fortunate this week that the major rains missed us. We got a half inch while just 3 miles from here they received 1 1/2. Then 6 miles south they received 3 1/2. We would have been out of the field for a week if we had been hit hard. As it is, we got a nice watering. Today we were back in the field. We are almost caught up on planting. We are almost caught up on cultivation. Now we have to conquer the irrigation.
With cultivation we run the tractor and hang hoe. Almost every time we cultivate, it rains, rooting the weeds back in. yesterday and today the weeds actually perished in the sun and heat. (As did we.) We have made so much progress, I am thrilled. Granted, new planting will take the place of the old, new weeds will do likewise. But, that is just the nature or things on the farm.
Since I am hot, tired, want a shower and have to get up early, I will sign off.

Your box
Swiss chard
Lettuce heads (some of you got our one planting of iceberg, some got our Boston Bibb, the reminder got other varieties)

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