Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Game Plan for Week Four

This week is tough for me - I always have a hard time with all the greens.

One evening, when it gets a little cooler, I'll braise the chard - my recipe is off the back of bag of chard from Trader Joe's.

When I picked up my produce tonight, I flipped through the Farmer John's Cookbook and found a recipe for kohlrabi hash browns. That sounds like it would make a delicious dinner with some of Vicki's eggs.

I have been making pizza with a Trader Joe's pizza dough about once a week; I think I'll just steam the broccoli and put it on top of a pizza one night.

As for the lettuce and cabbage, I am bringing lunch for a group to work on Tuesday, and I think I'll bring a favorite sandwich that I discovered at a restaurant in Kansas City, called the Mr. Green Jeans sandwich, that will use the lettuce, and I'll make a big batch of cole slaw to go with it. The sandwich is pesto, brie, asparagus, lettuce, tomato and sprouts on crusty bread. It sounds simple but the combination is perfect.

The recipes for the chard, kohlrabi and cole slaw are posted separately; I am feeling a little uninspired and would love to hear any great ideas that other members have.

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