Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Summer CSA Week 20

Life in St Anne has gotten colder. I don't mind in some respects, but in the arena of work I do mind. It is just so much more difficult to get any task accomplished. What we can do in a half hour in the summer takes us an hour in the cold. I have heat in both working areas so the guys can warm up, but that does not help when out in the field. I was out just before dawn today trying to get a jump start on the picking before they guys arrived. I had on thick gloves to keep my fingers warm. But, then I could not move my fingers easily. Then came the debate: cold fingers or decreased flexibility? Decreased flexibility won out. I kept the gloves on. My guys, though, would have decided opposite me and gotten rid of the gloves so they could work better.

The field is drying out some now, but I am really hoping for a bit of warmth. We has many crops out in the field that need some sun and warmth to finish out. Everything is growing as if it is November, rather than October. The weatherman agrees with my plants in that the temps are November temps, unseasonably cool. But, that has been the case for all on 2009, so why expect anything different?

We have a greenhouse due to be delivered the end of October for November construction, so I hope we get some moderation. It will increase our growing space by 1020 square feet. In the spring that will be nice.

Your box
Red onion - finally got a quantity of these babies cured and cleaned.
Butternut Squash
Pie Pumpkin
Boc choi
Red leaf lettuce
Apples - these are an apple pear cross called Golden Russets. They are known for their crispy texture and sweet flavor.
Miscellaneous addition of extra new item or item that is in the box already. If you have any questions on what an item is, let me know.

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