Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am back from my trip and in full gear. I had a great time. The mountains were beautiful - and cold. I was actually deterred one day by a snow storm. What impressed me most was the golden hues in the aspens. I thought of harvest time. The earth turns the most fabulous colors as if to rejoice in the time of harvest. I get excited watching it all come in, and it seems Mother Nature, joins with me in the triumph of the season. As a farmer, it is my job to be harmony with nature, working within the confines of natural selection, and designation. What nature creates day to day and month to month I seek to cooperate with and utilize my skills to produce a crop that only Mother Nature can create. I can not create, only emulate. It is so important to realize we are truly not the head, the boss, the top of the heap - we are subordinates in the overall scheme of nature, and this world we so wonderfully inhabit.

Last week my guys did great - harvesting, processing, handling sales - but my, oh my, what a mess this farm was. When I arrived Sunday morning, a gasped. It looked like a hurricane went through, literally. Fortunately, Jon, home from college, warned me - and then stayed for the day Sunday to help clean up. By last night, we were picked up, swept up and reorganized for the week. How sweet it is to start the work week on the right foot.

But, then I discovered how much more there is to do before the heavy frost comes this weekend. It is due to get down to 29 Saturday night. That will be the end of the peppers, eggplant etc. So, they guys are rushing to get everything in that has to get in before the cold hits in earnest. What that means for us is that our boxes are a little varied this week. Some things every one is receiving; other items are added to boxes at random. So if you get something not on the list, know that was on purpose.

Your box


Delicata squash

Miscellaneous onions

Sweet potatoes

Kennebec potatoes

Green bell peppers

Italian Roasting peppers


And one or more add ons - any questions on identification, please email me.


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