Thursday, October 1, 2009

Game Plan for Week 18

There are certainly no shortage of opportunities to cook this time of year, and I've been thinking of recipes that are made to be eaten in a sukkah.
With the cabbage, I will definitely make some stuffed cabbage. Or actually, I make a version that's "unstuffed" - meatballs made with rice on a bed of shredded cabbage. Much easier.
I'm going to try the recipe for mulled spaghetti squash that I've posted below. The spices and cider will give a warm flavor to what I sometimes find to be a pretty bland vegetable.
We don't have a lot of celery fans in the house, so I think I may chop or dice the celery and freeze it to put in soups. I'm thinking minestrone, mushroom barley, and maybe a kitchen sink vegetable soup with odds and ends.
The apples will get eaten plain, and probably the bell peppers too. Spinach and radishes will be great in a salad when I feel like I can't eat another heavy yomtov meal.

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