Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer CSA, Week 5

Sorry for the late letter this week. I am behind schedule on paper and computer. Being sick two days last week put me behind schedule.
Wow! How nice that the weather has moderated. We have had a cold breeze both early and later in the day. It is pleasant to work in such weather, but I am not sure about the crops who need some heat. The warm weather crops need sun and some heat. It is as if we have had a long spring, a one week summer and now we are into fall. Goofy year!
Monday we spent a portion of the day picking, a portion planting, a portion running irrigation and a portion on weeds. All in all, a productive day. Tuesday and Wednesday were repeats so we are making some excellent progress in the fields. Today Jay is going to start taking out the areas that got grassed in during the rainy spell so we can replant. More fall crops are being seeded out today, broccoli being the primary target for the day.

Your box
Lettuce head
Cucumber (at long last)
Green beans
Red cabbage

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