Friday, July 3, 2009

Game Plan for Week Five

Although the weather has been cool this week, it's getting warmer and it's nice to have vegetables from Vicki that require little or no cooking.
I think I will make a cucumber salad with those delicious cucumbers, a green salad with the lettuce, and a bean salad with the green beans.
I have a delicious recipe for the red cabbage, but it's sort of autumnal. I'll post it; you might want to keep it in mind for fall.
I braised last week's broccoli and chard with garlic and cumin and used it as a taco filling, which was delicious! I wasn't sure what to do with the long broccoli stalks, so I just cut away the thick outer layer and then cut into sticks; it made a good snack while I was cooking (like you'd snack on carrot or celery sticks).
I'm still looking for great ways to use collard greens and would love any suggestions.

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Ruth said...

Amy -

This week, after washing, I ripped the collards greens off the ribs tossed them in a bowl, covered it with saran wrap while I roasted a diced sweet potato (which I had tossed with olive oil and salt) in the oven. When they were both done, I mixed them, some cooked frozen corn and tossed it all with some soy sauce. It will be a side dish for tonight's Shabbos dinner.