Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am assuming that this weeks box of produce will be similar to last, which means it about covers Shabbat dinner.   I am a big fan of greens, whether kale, collard, or swiss chard cooked in a little olive oil in which garlic, raisins, and nuts have been heated.  Earlier last week, I had purchased some beets.  I used the beets and their greens along with carrots, fennel, and celery to make a pot of vegetable soup.  Earlier in the season, I had made some vegetable stock so it was real CSA type of soup.  I had some mushrooms, which I cooked up with the broccoli for a vegetable souffl√©.  Last - was the apricot torte which I made using my Plum Torte recipe.   I have made this torte will all sorts of different fruits and I have eliminated the butter or margarine with oil  - I don't like serving trans fats to people I care about.  


I will post the recipe for the Torte, as it is a handy and happy way to finish a meal.


Enjoy this week's produce!

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