Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News from the Farm - Summer Week 8

It finally feels like summer - not blazing hot, but summer, none the less. It was a happy day for me to feel some heat and sunshine. Monday we had another CSA member as a volunteer. Waleed spent the morning weeding tomatoes with our two interns. Between the three of them they got the whole main patch done. Thanks to our wonderful interns and volunteer. After we finished picking for the day, the guys went out to weed the new carrots and the main pepper crop. How beautiful a fresh weeding looks. Of course weeds, being opportunistic, quickly return so we must return again and again to the same patch. Overall, though, we look good.

In days gone by, weeds would be just about through germinating for the year. Over time, they have adapted to the widespread use of herbicides, and now their life patterns have changed. In an attempt to not be obliterated, they have begun germinating later and later in the year - at a time when the spraying is over in the chemical laden fields. In this way, they have adapted so they can survive and reproduce. One day we may have "monster weeds" - weeds that survive all human attempts at ending their lives. It used to be that once we hit July, the weeds quit germinating and it was smooth sailing for the remainder of the year. Alas, it is no longer so easy.

Actually, I am noticing that the insect cycles are off this year. We are now experiencing the hatching out of the adult potato beetle and the spring swarms of gnats are in the air. Cucumber beetles are very light, while we have usually already had 3 flushes by this time of the year. We had lightening bugs one week and now they are gone. Cabbage moths (butterflies) are just now emerging. Now, I cannot say I miss the "bad bugs," but it is truly a sign that this year is off.

Your box
Lodi apples - a tart apple from Hillside Orchards in Michigan
Apricots - from Mick Klug Farms in Michigan
Red kale - use just like you would green kale. Perhaps try some kale chips. Shake in a bit of olive oil. Add seasoning of choice, spread on a baking sheet and bake at 350 until edges are crispy. Another nice kale idea is to chop the kale and lightly saute. As it nears completion add a bit of raspberry vinagarette dressing, dried cranberries and pine nuts. Stir together and serve. Ymmm. This works with raw kale also, but you have to let it sit for ten to twelve hours to soften the kale.
New red potatoes - just starting to harvest these tasty guys - so creamy. Jon and I grilled some with lamb sausage, onion and chopped peppers. Oh, so good.
Green beans
Fennel - a nice licorice taste to add to salad or veggies. We like to munch on the stalks as a treat.
Fresh Spanish onion

Genesis Growers
8373 E 3000 S Rd
St Anne, Il 60964

815 953 1512

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