Tuesday, August 25, 2009

News from the Farm - Summer Week 13

Now that the leaves are turning color and the night time temps are in the 50's, I really feel like summer is over. Fortunately, the weatherman disagrees with me and this week the temps are supposed to go back up. Hopefully, we will still continue to see ripening tomatoes and fewer cracks from the rains. Rain, rain, go away.

We have eleven sets of onion yet to pull - that is less than half of the whole. This week I plan to get another 2-3 sets out. The guys are probably going to have to work long hours to get it all done, but I am fortunate to have wonderful employees. Part of what gets difficult this time of year is the loss of employees and interns due to college starting back up. I employ college students and most of my interns are college students who do research on the farm over the course of the summer. This year we are participating in an energy study with the University of Chicago. Their goal is to determine if small local farms are better stewards of energy than large commercial agribusiness producers. The data will be interesting. Anyway, I have lost one person as of last week, one more this week and then another in two weeks. One will go part time on top of it. This explains some of my stress and fatigue this last week.

I love to grow vegetables. I strive to grow the best, freshest items to grace your tables. I will always go to the extreme to produce the tasty crops you desire. This week, though due to extreme fatigue, I pulled back just a touch and did not harvest every crop. I would liked to have added one more crop to your boxes, but lack of sleep was physically hurting me, so I had to schedule a bit more sleep for this week.

Your box
Mixed colored bell peppers - these guys are so pretty
Plums - yumm
Blueberries - Mick put them in clam shells for me - how nice
Cherry tomatoes
Freshly dug potatoes
Red cabbage

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