Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Jew and the Carrot

Here's some information on our parent organizations own blog and how you can get involved. I was a founding writer for this blog, and while I have not had the chance to post recently I fully intend to return to writing for them very soon.

The Jew, The Carrot, and You: An Introduction to Hazon’s Blog

By: Mia Rut

I guess you can say that I stumbled upon The Jew & The Carrot accidentally.  I was job hunting and anxious for any opportunity to network.  Through Facebook, a friend forwarded me an announcement for an internship at the Jewish Food blog.  Seeing it I thought, ‘well, I like Jews and I love food’ and I was trying to get my foot in the door in the Jewish professional world. So I decided to write to the then Editor-in-Chief, Leah Koenig.  Long story short, I started writing for the blog.  Then I joined one of Hazon’s CSAs and went to the Food Conference. Yea, I was hooked.   

Since its inception in 2006, The Jew & The Carrot has been an active online community that offers folks the opportunity to talk about food, health, and sustainability – all from Jewish perspectives.  Over the years, there have been wonderful interviews with well-known authors like Michael Pollan and cooks like Lagusta Yearwood as well as coverage of breaking news such as the Agriprocessors plant in Iowa.  

Perhaps the most popular pieces published on the blog are the numerous recipes our writers create or adapt and make available to our readers.  The diversity of our writers is reflected in the wide variety of (often seasonal) recipes.  Additionally, many people have shared family recipes around the holidays. The Jew & The Carrot has even published a cookbook based on a collection of some of the blog’s best recipes.

Since January, The Jew & The Carrot has been an entirely volunteer-run blog with three fabulous Associate Editors and an Editor-in-Chief who not only writes for the blog, but keeps everything running.  We have now grown to over 70 active writers; many of whom also publish in other publications and write their own blogs.  

All the writers contribute a wide range of perspective to the New Jewish Food Movement and you can too!  We are always looking for new ideas, recipes and comments.  Sure, you can go to HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" and check out our work, but you can also get involved yourself.  Just send your story to HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"  You can write about your CSA, your favorite recipe this season or even about a current event.  If it is about food, sustainability, and Jews we want to hear from you!

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