Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall CSA - Week 3

Friday and Saturday my guys ran the chisel plow and the drill and got all the field chiseled and planted. What a nice thing! I got home from market and the job was done. The weather helped, giving them an open door. Their ambition kept them out Friday night until ten, running on lights and then back at it first thing Saturday. At one point Friday night one 4020 had its lights go out. It is pretty hard to drive a field in the dark. Rather than quit, Jay went in, opened up the dash and rewired the lights. Then after that little intermission he was back out in the field drilling away.

Now we have rain to moisten the seed and perhaps we will get some germination and root spread to hold the soil over the winter. I still want to plant a few crops to overwinter for early germination next spring, and my guess is I will get the job done if the weather continues to hold. Hot darn!

According to the weather man the temps are going to plummet around Thanksgiving. That means the fall root harvest is a major GO! for us. So while we take our one week break on delivery during the Thanksgiving week, we will be out harvesting roots and more roots. The brussels sprouts can stay out even if it gets cold, so those I do not have to worry about. But, those roots . . . it is either cover them with lots of mulch or pull 'em up. Mostly, we will pull them up.

This weekend the deer decided to add lettuces to their menu. Now Bambi is no longer cute. They literally shredded them, devouring them down to the ground. Some were salvaged, but when Bambi adds a new item for his salad, the people don't get too many left overs.

Your box
Sweet potatoes
Red onion
Spanish onion
Brussels sprouts
Apples - Jonagold this week. Tasty (might throw in a few other varieties for fun, so if you get a different looking apple it is from past week's left overs)
Red kabocha squash
Pie pumpkin
Hakurei turnips
Carrots (last time on the greens, so if you have not tried Tuscan Carrot Top Soup, here is your last opportunity for 09)

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