Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News from the Farm - Summer Week 17

Tis the harvest season. Here in the land of pick up trucks and tractors, we are hearing the combines rolling out of the storage barns for a tune up before they officially roll out into the fields. Daily I watch the world metamorphis - transforming before my eyes, from verdant greens to varied hues of yellow. The gold rod and daisies bloom triumphantly along the roadways. The bean fields are golden in the sunlight. The corn is dropping its ears is preparation for those combines. Soon we will be ablaze with reds and oranges. By then the fields will mostly be in the storage barns. It is rather cool to watch the fruits of our labors pile up in storage bins. Unlike other harvests through the year, the fall harvest is stock piled. I can truly see the results of our labors. Such satisfaction! Remember onion ball? Squash ball is just as much fun.

Right now we have our first four bins (4x4x4 foot cardboard boxes) of squash in the barn. Soon we our barn will be row after row of winter squash and pie pumpkins. We generally stack them two high, so I have to use a ladder to get the squash out of the tops bins, but that way we can fit 40 or more bins in a double line across the back wall. I increased my squash production by 4 acres this year so perhaps I will have even more than my projection.

Between onions, potatoes, squash and pumpkins we will have a full house. Then we will be working in tight quarters, trying not to get crabby because there is no room to move. How happy my guys are when I use some of that squash. Some day I may perhaps be able to build that new building to house some of the things that crowd us this season. (Nah, all season - I am tight all the time, fall just gets worse is all.)

Your box
Acorn Squash
Romaine speckled lettuce
Red onion
Apples - two varieties
Peppers, Red as welll as some miscellaneous varieties
Cayenne peppers, long skinny that dry easily

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