Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pick-Up Tips and Planning for Your Volunteer Shift

  • For Anshe Sholom: Melrose is a one-way street going West. There are metered spaces on Broadway and a few flashing light spots by the JCC. It gets busiest around 5 PM. The shul does have small parking lot and driveway, into which you are welcome to turn. Volunteers will do their best to help you load your boxes promptly. It’s always great to come on foot, too!
  • For Anshe Emet: There is a large parking lot. Access is off of Broadway between Waveland and Grace.

Being part of a CSA means we make this program happen by working together! There are no paid Tuv Ha’aretz members. Volunteering your time helps you get to know your vegetables and your community. As part of your membership, you will be signing up for volunteer shifts according to your share allocation. We have tried to make sure that this is as equitable as possible. You will have a chance to sign up at the first two pick-ups, so bring your calendars! If you do not sign up, we will assign you a shift that will become your responsibility to fill. Please read the following information carefully:

Early Shift is 3:45-5:30 PM and involves set-up and distribution.
Late Shift is 5:15-7:15 PM and involves distribution and clean-up.

  • Summer Shareholders: Each share (or share group) is needed for two shifts during the summer season, June 3-October 28. (If you are splitting a share with one other family, each of you needs to take one shift so that the total number of shifts for your share is two.)
  • Fall Shareholders: Each share (or share group) is needed for one shift during the fall season, November 4-December 16. (If you are splitting a share with one other family, you may share the shift as you wish.)
  • Summer and Fall Shareholders: You will need to sign up for a total of 3 shifts, two during the summer and one in the fall.

We will help to make your volunteer shift as pleasant as possible by providing instructions, a monthly reminder email, and a confirmation when you first sign up. We need your help to make sure our shifts are staffed and to make switches if the need arises. Directories will be available during the third week of summer pick-up and will be emailed as well.

We could not have a CSA without each other! Thank you for your help!

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