Tuesday, May 26, 2009

News from Farmer Vicki, May 26, 2009

We are now totally dried out, even too dry in some spots. Go figure. The rains have mostly gone around us yesterday and today, so it is time to put in the irrigation. We got it installed at the carrot and parsnip field, but not the main field. I think irrigation is on the list for Wednesday and Thursday. Actually, it looks like it is pouring 3/4 a mile to our west and we are dry and humid listening to the thunder.

It is rather ironic to be dealing with ruined crops due to standing water and dusty dry a mere few days later. But, we have gotten everything fertilized and cultivated and planted out - even the peppers and tomatoes. We still have sweet potatoes to put out and another planting of celery, but we are up to snuff. Hot diggity! Good job, Genesis Growers staff!

The guys have been working hard to finish the onion hoeing. They have only 12 more sets to go. But, think about it . . . each set contains 3 rows. Each row is 500 feet long. That is 18,000 feet of row to hoe. Sound daunting? The guys just go tackle it. They don't even grimace. Also, they have already hoed 30 sets. I do so appreciate their positive attitude.

My critter tale of the week. First, I had the blessing of seeing a pair of vultures along the side of the road. Awesome sight. But, the fun tale is the bird and the toad. I walked into greenhouse one. There, standing on a flat of lettuce, was a very small bird - smaller than a wren, and quite lovely. Ten inches behind it was an attentive toad. The bird looked over his shoulder at the toad and hopped two or three steps. The toad followed suit. The bird chanced another glance back, and proceeded to hop another three or four steps. The toad again followed suit. This continued multiple times. As I silently held vigil, I wondered why the bird did not solve his dilemma by flying away. Perhaps it was too young? I also pondered the toad. What was he going to do if he caught up with the bird? The bird was too big to eat. Hmmm. The action continued. I am sure this little bird's heart was thumping and he hopped along. Finally, the bird made the decision. Off he flew away from Mr Toad. I opened the door and he headed toward the horizon. Now, is a toad territorial? The bird a trespasser? If any of you know toad habits, let me know. It could be it was just a show for my enjoyment alone.

This week our boxes are light. Too much of the salad mixes were ruined from the flood. The berries are not coming in very well yet, but we did pick a few. I placed boxes of strawberries in some boxes - totally at random. Your chance is 1 in 20 to get the first picking of berries - better than the lottery. Considering the crazy spring we have had, I guess it is what it is for crops this week, but I always feel bad when the boxes are not as full as I would like. My apologies.

Your box

Lettuce heads

Baby boc choi (got nibbled on a bit)

New potatoes

Purple Asparagus (from my friend's farm)


Kohlrabi (some are smallish, but I have waited as long as I can for this crop) - use the leaves also like you would collards. My sister even finely chops them for her salad.

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